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I want this.

I want this.

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19 4 / 2014

hai-im-jamie asked: Hi. I just found this blog. Ive never seen anyone do what you do. Ive been extremely ill lately and your dolls make me smile.

Thank you for that! I hope that you feel better quickly.

But there are many talented artists that repaint dolls! I’m still learning, myself. Try searching Tumblr for ‘Monster High Custom’. You’ll be impressed!

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More adventures in 3D Printing with doll stands and mounts. This evening’s adventures include boys! Boy wall mounts and boy stand clips!

Both of these items will be in my etsy shop by the end of the weekend. I still need to do a little tweaking, and then they will be ready to print. Final printed versions will be black.

I really want to buy some of the wall mounts for the girls when I get a little extra money! Raye had a fantastic idea here. Buy her goodies so she can buy more dolls!

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I’m going to buy this wonky new CAM monster thing. It looks and sounds awesome!

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Time to AMG all over the internet.

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Maddie looks tea-riffic! (Amg, don’t hurt me ; ;)

I’m a little iffy about doing Ever After High customs. Their sculpts are different from Montser High so I’ve been learning to love those chubby faces. Anyway, I’m really happy with how she turned out! Mattel really packs detail into these galls. I love it! Sometimes it just needs a little enhancement and love.

I did a face I was comfortable with, the up-to-the-left-glance, but I’m very pleased with how she came out. Especially since she was a commission! /confetti!

I like her lips the most! To be honest, I didn’t care for the heart on Cedar and Cupid, really, but it’s grown on me!

Happy painting!

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Magic Khaki Girl: Ever After High Fakies

Price: $5USD

Aside from the super wonky eye placement and same shoe mold throughout, the outfit seems pretty well made. But that really got me is their beautiful take of Raven. She is gorgeous!


These are pretty cute for fakies!

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I have a friend on Facebook who is getting a Mattel catalog in the mail this week. His friend who has sent it has been telling him about different things in the catalog. Check it out:

UPER Exciting news! For everyone who has too much money (lmao) here’s the perfect new MH Product.

Hoorah. Can’t wait to see how this works.

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I’ve decided to sell myself for money! I will repaint your dollies, and you can order OC’s to be made. Here’s my etsy link! More services to come, like mini-Lalaloopsy repainting services.

I know things can be a little expensive, so even if you don’t plan on ordering, please reblog so that others might!